Hi, i am Madpat
I am a Linux System engineer that loves tinkering, like many others.
Just to begin with, i made this blog mainly to have a diary of some sorts.I hope that i can, on some occasions, inspire someone or help with my projects that i do for fun.

What may i expect in the future?

  • Posts regarding tinkering (3D-Printing, soldering and general small electronic stuff)
  • Posts regarding Linux and selfhosted stuff
  • Posts about HAM-Radio as i am getting into it
  • Warhammer 40k Stuff
  • medieval stuff (LARP)
  • Pen and Paper stuff
  • FPV Stuff (Quadcopter / Drones)

What can i not expect on this blog?

  • Stuff about politics
  • Posts from someone else
  • frequent updates

What is something i should be aware off?

Not any type of content is for anyone.So if this Content is not for you, simply don't consume it. You are free to leave a constructive comment on what i may can do better.