Starting into 3D-printing

Since i started tinkering with electronics, I've run into one problem on multiple occasions; i cant print my own enclosures, mountings or other various things.
So, i started searching for an cheap yet good printer to start by reading blogs, reviews and looking at a dozen videos on YouTube.
After some time, i had my eyes on the "new" Prusa Mini.
It seems like a good printer, yet, some folks have problem with it like for example:

  • Stuck filament when retreating
  • bits get chopped of the filament by the extruder
  • printer crashesoften

But there were also many good reviews that never had such problems.
The plus point were:

  • good starting point
  • experienced seller
  • good reputation

so i went with it, and ordered one.
Sadly, i have to wait 6-8 weeks until i can finally get my fingers on it and get a opinion on myself.

In the meantime i started exploring Thingyverse and found cool things to print.
But what is a 3D-Printer there for when the owner cant construct a own model? - Nothing
So i went out and installed Fusion360 and began to learn, how to construct my own thing.
Some ideas i had:

  • Star Citizen Input Board
  • Enclosures for ESPHOME Sensors
  • Custom Rack-mounted shells for projects

I am gladly awaiting my printer now and continue to learn.